Business Opportunity Sale including real estate. Price shown does not include building, total price is $995,000, please see Calaveras County listing #2001169 for details on building. This impeccable vintage, established business is located in the beautiful foothills of the Gold Country... This sprawling venue is a 20+ year established business with menus, clients, reputation, and numerous awards. It has won Motherlode's best for years running, and the owner won entrepreneur of the year last year. It's clean, well kept acreage, versatile seating, fresh menu and consistency has proven it's efficacy again and again. It ranks high in every client reviewed platform as a top performing establishment with endless potential. The grounds are available to be rented for weddings, showers, birthdays, parties of every kind, festivals, concerts, comedy nights, could be open longer hours, have morning breakfasts and serve dinners. Business has Type 47 ABC License, which can be transferred to Buyer